Keep your friends close... and your enemies closer.

No, I am not saying that art is my enemy (in no way, shape or form), however, it is something that is bigger than an addiction. It is larger than something I can even comprehend and most definitely, something I cannot control. I must paint, doodle, draw, anything. So I embrace - everyday. I embrace and develop my thoughts. I fight my own hands and struggle while developing my own skills in order to try to make a visual impact (always with high hopes of bringing a smile to people’s faces). As I create, I become. I am lucky. I am a lucky artist that can express myself and let my own little world come out of my heart, for you to see.

Check me out in action.

(Mural created in Downtown Miami, February 2012)

Xibie Corea.

Miami local artist, born in São Paulo, Brazil. Moved to the United States in 1993. Got involved with the arts and received her Bachelors in Fine Arts from New World School of the Arts/University of Florida in 2006. Xibie has been working in her field as an art director for many years. In 2003 she joined “Art by Girls”  and that venture happened ‘till 2007, where she curated and managed exhibitions as well as showed some of her own work. Now Xibie is working independently within commercial arts, painting, photography and is much involved with the “blogging” world. Xibie’s main influences are Warhol, Basquiat, Miró and Mackenzie Thorpe (as well as illustrators such as Natalie Dee, Exploding Dog, etc). Oh, and most definitely street art/graffiti and stickers! Being categorized as “pop” as well as “neo-expressionism” artist, Xibie is eager to keep on developing her work while becoming more involved with the community.


  1. -Acrylics

  2. -Photography

  3. -Graphic Design

  4. -Mixed Media


2013 – The IntergalARTic Experience

2013 – Diabetes Research Fundraising - Two Girls For A Cause

2012 – Doral Art Fest - October

2012 – yo MOMMA in the HOUSE. the SHOW. by Myra Wexler

2012 – Representation (09/2012) at Alberto Linero Gallery, Wynwood

2012 – BAW Brickell Artwalk - August/September

2012 – Artist of the month Sept. Jolt Radio Station

2012 – Donation/Art Auction - No Boundaries Prosthetic Foundation 

2012 – Digital Art Beatz (Grey Area - Wynwood) 

2012 – Battle of the Characters – Xibie Productions (CS Gallery)

2012 – Finalist - Jordan Winery Contest 4on4 Miami - Bakehouse

2012 – Representation (starting MARCH) at THE HANGAR, Wynwood

2011 – WeMerge Magazine Featured Artist (Winter ‘11 - Vol 4. Issue 4)

2011 – Artist Collective Extravaganza – Local Radiation (The Stage) 

2010 – Art Basel Group Exhibition (PrecisionArt)

2010 – _glitch. – Xibie Productions (Chirinos Sanchez Gallery)

2009 – {exposed} – Xibie Productions (Color my Gallery)

2009 – Images of Voice – Art by Girls (Color my Gallery)

2007 – The Little Show – Art by Girls (Color my Gallery)

2007 – The Devil Made Me Do It - Gallery 138

2006 – By Nature – Art by Girls (International Institute of Fine Arts, Dance)

2006 – BFA Show – New World School of the Arts

2004 – Jazz Band CD Cover + Label  – Design Contest Winner (NWSA)

2004 – Miami-Dade Tie – Design Contest Winner (NWSA)

2004 – Rising Stars (NWSA)

2003 – X-mas Show – Art by Girls (Color my Gallery)

2003 – Ruff Draft – Art by Girls (Color my Gallery)






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